Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sports Camp IGNITE! 2012!

Hello people! Pardon me for my absence as recently, I have just been admitted into my new school, Ngee Ann Poly.
There is 3 "introductory" camps to choose from for the freshies!
I chose Sports Camp, and I don't regret that decision.

Day 1
My Lovely GLs!

Day 2
CCA tryouts: DragonBoat

Day 3


Liora!!!!! TOO HOT FOR YOU!

Us, the SC family!

The Committee's Flag
KG: "Do it once, do it right"

Ignite Helpers! They are the most feared group of people in sports camp, even by the committee!

The last night, the helpers RIPS! Rip underwear's! "NO COMPROMISE" "Piak"!

Day 4
The last day, SO WHAT?!

The craziest camp in Ngee Ann!

Dance baby dance!

Before we part!

Now months after sports camp, I miss it dearly.... It would undoubtedly be a significant event of my poly education, and it has certainly inspired me to be a better leader.
I never regret being a part of SC family, all I regret is not being the best during the camp, and not putting the effort in catching up with my group mates. 

Well, I will rewrite my Sports camp story next year. 


Photos courtesy of Tan WeiShan and Mars! 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stay With The Light!

Dropped by Marina Barrage to catch the sunset!

Golden moment was great!
Luckily I stayed on to witness the twilight zone!

The Death of a Day

The clouds glow from the sun behind the horizon and the sky lit by the city

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Secret Slopes

Behind the apartments and bungalow , there is a slope!

Lazy evening

Behind the slope hides a classified area!!

Land, something uncommon in Singapore

Explosion in the sky

Another day come to a end